Me? Pregnant?

Once discovering we’re pregnant I’ve gone from utter excitement to terrified then back to excited. I was ready to start making a baby registry and then the next day I took another pregnancy test because I was worried the little blastocyst had died. Luckily it is still there and I’m hoping it will stay put for another 8 months. I downloaded some pregnancy apps and It’s all super goofy to me, but I like knowing how big the mini van is, so whatever…

Week: 4

Baby is the size of a poppyseed

Baby can fit on the tip of a ball point pen.

I am definitely in the minority of women. I found out SUPER early and my period is still only 2 days late. The only symptoms I have are the ones that I chocked up to a sinus infection. It turns out that my fatigue, mucus buildup, headaches, and dizziness were all because my body is growing a human. I’m chewing a cough drop as I write this, but I know this mini van is worth it! I’m basically just reading a lot and trying to determine at what points my life is going to change. It would be pretty dumb to take a belly pic when the only thing you’ll see is the steak I just ate. I’ll start those at 8 weeks when we get to hear the heartbeat for the first time!

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